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Get to the Why

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

I was talking with a friend the other day about how hard it is to lose weight and be fit. She said, "I find it difficult to get motivated to exercise and cook healthy foods. Maybe I just lack willpower". I get it. I feel the same way sometimes. But I remind myself that the key to getting motivated is getting to the WHY. So I asked her what she wants. "To be healthy". But health is not an end goal, I said. It is a means to an end. You have to ask yourself "Why do you want to be healthy?" She was a bit stunned and had to think.

Maybe you want to look stunning on your wedding day, or maybe you want to participate in the long awaited Mongolia trek your group of close friends have been planning. Or maybe you want to stay active to spend quality time with your children and grandchildren throughout your 70s and 80s. Whatever it is, it boils down to the very core values in your life, in other words, the reasons for living. And once you hold those true, they will fuel the fire to take healthy actions.

One of my fittest dear friend is in his early seventies and he is an avid skier, biker, runner, and skater. He says he stays fit and active because he just wants to feel good. And when he doesn't exercise two days in a row, he just feels crummy. He wants the feeling of JOY.

Another friend is motivated to exercise and stay strong because his job is physically demanding and he wants to support his wife and children. His motivation is FAMILY.

For me, I want to be able to travel and seek out new adventures even into my older years. I want to snorkel, swim in the ocean, snowshoe, and make those 14 hr transcontinental flights to visit far-off countries. Basically, I want FREEDOM. And fun.

After a pause and consideration, (and after me prodding like a 4 yr old who asks "why" repeatedly in an annoying way) she said "I want to lose 20 look good and feel good...because I am dating and I want to attract a good guy...because I want to be in a loving dedicated relationship". She wants LOVE. (Now, I should clarify -you don't need to lose 20 lbs in order to find love, but the point is that she identified her deeper motivation to get healthy.)

Do you want to make the world a better place? Maybe you dedicate your life to upholding human rights, or preserving our planet for our future generations. The bigger the values, the stronger the motivator, because it has to be worth the trouble- because face it - it is HARD work and a lot of SACRIFICE to walk a healthy path.

Now that you have the end goal value in mind, what's the next step? I've got tools and strategies for you to stick with an exercise routine, eat healthy nutritious meals, and lower your stress. Stay tuned for more blogs and videos. Or come to Island Trek Fitness this year and learn more about health strategies. Reboot your health - It will be a giant leap towards your "WHY".

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