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Meet the Team

Our team is dedicated to guiding you through an exhilarating week of adventure, wellness, and personal growth!

"I believe in the importance of individualization, recognizing that every person has a unique story, body, lifestyle and goals. I strive to help people reach their potential using holistic strategies that are personalized to each individual and their physical, mental and emotional health."


Liz is a Certified Sports Nutrition + Fitness Coach, Yoga Teacher and Outdoor Enthusiast living in the mountains of Colorado where she helps other outdoor lovers build strength, stamina and confidence using balanced nutrition, functional fitness, mindfulness and habit-building.


Liz has spent her health and wellness career working in gyms, rec centers, retreats, yoga studios and the great outdoors, doing everything from one-on-one coaching, to group fitness classes, yoga, hiking retreats and more. Liz is incredibly passionate about nutrition, fitness and the great outdoors, and strives to create an inclusive environment that supports every body, regardless of what they look like or where they come from.


Beyond her work in the outdoor industry, Liz is an avid hiker, an amateur snowboarder, a lover of live music, snack-fanatic, and mom to a 130lb dog named Chewbacca.


Liz Berry

yoga instructor, hiking guide

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