Program Fundamentals


Physical Activity


Our fitness guides will lead you on daily 2-4 hour hikes to nearby trails near the shore and in midst of forest and mountains. Groups are divided into at least two groups, from beginner hikes to more advance. Expect to sweat and get a good cardiovascular workout while receiving nature therapy. We will also lead you in a kayaking tour in beautiful Puget Sound waters. Morning yoga classes will stretch your muscles and prepare you for a continued week of activity. Evening classes consist of strength training, yoga, meditation and more aerobics. We are also thrilled to have personal trainer Adam Fawcett to work with us and he will lead high intensity interval training (HIIT) or functional exercise classes where you will strengthen your core and other muscle groups.


Learn how these four fundamentals of our program will reboot your fitness and help you lose weight!



Local Whidbey island gourmet chefs will prepare individualized meals for your specific needs, using mostly organic locally sourced sustainably raised food. There will be no processed foods, caffeine, or alcohol. You will be on average 1400-1800 calories/day of meals and snacks throughout the day and you will not feel hungry. Instead you will be energized and feel fully sustained. After a week of eating clean, you will feel like a new person and lose weight. You will also learn about nutrition and mindful eating through lectures and discussions.



Learn how mindfulness promotes less inflammation in the body, changes the brain and promotes prefrontal cortex and reduces our fight and flight center. You will be led in yoga and meditation classes and you will have quiet personal relaxation time at the lodge.


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You will have three 1 hr massages during your week at the lodge by local therapists. Cleansing food and drinks will support your body to detoxify toxins and chemicals that build up from our environment. Sweating during your workouts and re-hydrating with clean water will naturally detoxify your body.