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A Good Night's Sleep

Let's talk sleep. We all need good sleep, and if we don't get enough, we can't function well. And we have good evidence that good sleep aids weight loss.

In this day and age, our brain goes a mile a minute with way too much stimuli and information, and just like an older computer turning off, our brains need some time to wind down.

Here are a few steps to improve your sleep:

1. Limit your intake of sugar and caffeine. Try a lighter evening meal of good quality food. Yes, the quality of food makes a difference, as your body will need to process the processed stuff before it can fully relax. Avoid late night snacking and late night beverages. This will limit the middle of the night bathroom runs.

2. Evaluate your environment- Clear out clutter. Yep, the whole Marie Kondo craze has some merit. Having physical clutter of things that do not spark joy can clutter your brain while you sleep. Remove all electronics- the blue light turns off melatonin production which is your sleep hormone. Reduce light and sound in the room- Use black out curtains or if that is not possible, use eye masks or a headband You can also use a fan or air filter for white noise, or simply wear earplugs.

3. Create a bedtime routine. Your body wants to go to bed and wake up at the same time everyday, so help your body get into a healthy rhythm.

4. Do some restorative evening activity like yoga, meditation, or sex. Some people do well with exercise in the evenings, but be careful- it may be too stimulating. You may just have to try it out and see if that works for you.

5. Keep a journal and pen near your bed. If you start thinking about something you need to do or have a question or worry- jot that down so you know you won't forget it and your brain can let that go for the night.

6. You can use a sleep tracker to plot your sleep habits- Do you toss and turn or have sleep apnea? If so, be sure to see your doctor for more testing and treatment.

7. Chat with friends more. People who socialize during the day sleep better than ones who keep to themselves. You may just need to get things off your chest.

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